Monday, August 10, 2009

Living A Weird Life

Wow. I Haven't Posted Here In A Long Time. I Just Feel Like I Have To Get A Lot Off My Chest That I've Been Allowing To Weigh Me Down Lately. Things That I Believe Aren't Appropriate For My YA Book Blog.

I've Been Feeling Really Left Out And Cut Off From My Family. Sometimes, It's Like We Aren't Related Anymore. My Sister Went And Got A Matching Tattoo With Her Best Friend/Sister-In-Law.. It Really Hurt My Feelings. I Tried Not To.. But I Cried When She Told Me. Then, She Acts Like It's Nothing And Tells Me To Hush Up.

I've Been Trying To Do Some Really Great Things With My Life And It Seems As If My family Could Care Less. I Don't Want Them All Over Me, But An Ounce Of Consideration Would Be Awesome. None Of My Family Members Even Look To See What I'm Doing On My YA Book Blog. And That Hurts My Feelings Too.

I Also Tried Not To Cry My Eyes Out This Week Because I Was Supposed To Go See Michelle Zink This Saturday And Can't Go Because My Doctor Found Something And Now I Have To Get Surgery Done. NOT FAIR!!

It's Not A Life Or Death Surgery- Thank God!! -But It's Enough To Put Me Out Of Commision For A While...

Well, Now That I'm Done Whining Like A Big Baby I'll Get Back To Reading My Books And Writing My Own YA Book.. WHICH IS NOT EASY! LOL!!



  1. Sorry life has been weighing on you.

    As to the 'my family doesn't bother with my blog' thing - I can relate. Best if you just have fun with your blogs, and not expect them to come around. At least, that's the way I've learned to handle it. :-)

    Again sorry about the surgery, but happy it's not too serious. And probably better to have it done now.<--I don't have a clue as to what this is, of course. And hope my words aren't un-helpful. Instead of being helpful, as I hope they will be.

    Best wishes.

    'Alice's Aunt'

  2. I'm sorry your having such a rough time, good luck with your surgery. :)