Monday, April 20, 2009

Not Happy With The Vampire Diaires Cast

So I Guess The Actress That's Gonna Play Elena Is Nina Dobrev... I Believe She Was In The American Mall Movie.. Anyways, She's A Brunette!! Elena's A Blonde... If I Did The Casting I Would Choose Hayden Panettierre.. She's So Pretty And Perfect To Play Elena Gilbert.. For Damon Salvatore I Would Choose Ben Barnes.. And For Stefan Salvatore I Would Pick Gaspard Ulliel.. The Guys Who Really Are Gonna Play The Salvatore Boys Are Paul Wesley For Stefan And Ian SmolderHalder For Damon... I Guess I can't Be Too Angry Because At Least They Are Making The Show But Still I Wonder What Else They Will Change... I Hope Not Much..

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  1. Did they make 'Elena' a brunette, because of the 'Bella' and 'Twilight' influence?


    This brunette actress is lovely of course. But would a blond Perfect Girl, be too far off the present liking for the brunette Plain and More Ordinary Girl thing?